Anything goes – including doing nothing.


At first glance, Neugrad may look like the perfect place to do nothing and unwind, but it also offers activities for those who want them. Plenty of them, in fact. Some are right on the doorstep, others are in the surrounding area or a little further afield.

Red Deer


Neugrad is the ideal place for nature lovers. The stars in the clear night sky are a true highlight: With no population living nearby, there is no light pollution. As well as exploring under your own steam, various packages can be booked depending on the season:

Guided tours with a ranger

Dark Sky Park

Guided herb discovery walk

Spring – Daffodil blooming

Bird watching

Deer rut



Thanks to its unique location, Neugrad lends itself to sleeping well, enjoying the silence and bathing in the forest atmosphere. Additionally, all of our cabins are equipped with a Finnish sauna, a fireplace and comfortable cushions. Further options for rest and recuperation in the surrounding area:

Eifel thermal baths

Badewelt Euskirchen thermal baths

Hiking in the national park

Jogging in the beautiful nature


Wilderness, meadows, forests, water: Neugrad is a veritable paradise for people who love outdoor sports. Excellent jogging and cycling routes begin right at your front door, while the bodies of water in the neighbouring national park are ideal for canoeing, rowing and swimming.




Water sports


Tandem skydiving

Taking it slowly
Attractive woman practices yoga in nature in summer. Healthy lifestyle. Fitness and sport. outdoor harmony with nature, calm scene

Taking it slowly

Thanks to its unique location and environment, Neugrad is practically tailor-made for people who want to tap into their consciousness and take things a little more slowly. Our packages:

Guided forest bathing

Personal coaching

Family excursions
Two children having an adventure, climbing and stepping in a river exploring a beautiful natural area. Beautiful, idyllic and tranquil childhood moment. Sisters or friends, innocent and free

Family excursions

They do exist: days when the children get to decide what’s on today. Usually, it’s not guided forest bathing, museum visits or herb walks that are on the agenda, but excursions like these:

Phantasialand theme park

Ziggurat Culture and Leisure Factory

Dahlemer Binz kart track

Seepark Zülpich

Summer toboggan run

Alpaca hike

Adventure National Park with Children

Bubenheimer Playland

Butterfly Garden (Indoor)

Monschau is a small historic town located in the Eifel.


It feels like Neugrad is in the middle of nowhere. And that’s a good thing. But geographically it offers the perfect starting point for day trips to Cologne, Bonn, Aachen, Liège or Maastricht. And the immediate neighbourhood also entices with cultural offerings:

Museums Vogelsang IP

Kommern Open-Air Museum

Castles and palaces in the Eifel

Upscale gastronomy

Gourmet tours

Wine tastings

great view to the national park, hohes venn


In winter, nature and thus also the area around Neugrad unfold a very special charm: the silence seems even calmer, the distance to everyday life even greater, the vast landscapes even wider. And not to forget: The warm, cosy aura of the cabins can be experienced even better. The possibilities for activities in the surroundings:

Winter sports

Cross-country skiing