Neugrad: Take your time.
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Neugrad Eifel

Far from the world, but right at home. Freedom at your fingertips. We have all felt that feeling. A desire for the simple and the natural. For a sense of connection. For those moments of contrast that open up new perspectives. That is exactly why we created Neugrad. Find out more about the how, the where, and the people involved.



Tiny houses in the wilderness

Neugrad: These are 22 sustainably built, high-quality cabins, each covering an area of over 1,000 square meters, carefully embedded in the natural and car-free grounds covering a total of 30,000 square meters. The total area is spread over two levels and thus supports the feeling of spaciousness: Cabins STYLE on the upper level, Cabins STARS and COZY on the lower level.

Total cabins


Living in harmony
with nature

Ecological building materials, low-emission heating system, efficient insulation materials, no harmful paints and varnishes, exclusively natural surfaces, mostly made of wood and concrete, finished with oils: The sustainable construction of the cabins and the natural design of the car-free property support the experience of nature at Neugrad. The rainwater is fed into the natural water cycle and there is virtually no surface sealing. Anti-reflective glass façades store heat energy and prevent bird strikes, and breeding grounds have been created for ecologically important bats. And the special highlight: minimized light pollution thanks to discreet exterior lighting. It makes the magnificent starry sky in the Eifel Star Park shine all the more beautifully.

Eifel National Park

Eifel National Park

In the “Wild West”
North Rhine-Westphalia.

The location of the Neugrad is unique: on the western border of Germany – in close proximity to the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg – and directly adjacent to the Eifel National Park, which covers an area of 110 square kilometers. Under the motto “Let nature be nature”, flora and fauna are left to their very own laws. This allows thousands of endangered animal and plant species to spread again. The extensive forests, stream valleys, plateaus and wooded pastures are home to black storks, eagle owls, tawny owls, ravens and beavers. In early summer, gorse flowers glow yellow in the national park, and the southern area is even home to orchids. In the fall, the rutting of the stags can be heard for miles across meadows, valleys and forests. On hikes you will come across old ash trees, chestnuts and wild cherries. So if you love forests, water and wilderness, you’ll get your money’s worth at Neugrad.

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Reimagining the place together

A vacation destination adjacent to a highly visible complex with an inglorious history? Can we do that? We have also asked ourselves this question. Our answer: We can’t just do it. We want it.

First a training center and fortress for Nazi leaders, later a military training ground for Belgian and UN troops for around 70 years: Neugrad lies on the edge of a complex with a turbulent past. The present is all the more contrasting and refreshing: since the withdrawal of the troops and the transformation into a national park around 20 years ago, wild nature has been reclaiming its space, while the built-up area is now used by a colourful variety of non-profit and other organizations. New things are growing everywhere, initiatives are sprouting up and ideas are bearing fruit. You can also be surprised and touched by this on a walk around the grounds.

Neugrad itself is located outside the complex and away from the action. Nevertheless, we look forward to playing our part in revitalizing this place together with our guests.

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Directions and site map

Far away and yet so near.

Neugrad can be reached by car in less than an hour from Aachen, Cologne and Bonn. Speaking of cars, Neugrad is located in the heart of the countryside, where life moves at a slower pace. This also means public transportation is less frequent.

Arrival by car
The secluded location is an advantage – especially if you want to explore the surrounding area during your stay. Neugrad itself is car-free, parking spaces are available directly at the edge of the car-free complex, and there is an e-charging station 200 meters away.

Arrival without a car
Take the train to Kall station (Regional Express line RE 22 Cologne-Trier). From there with
National park shuttle SB82 to the site.

Neugrad, 53937 Schleiden-Morsbach, Vogelsang 67, in the center of the
Nationalparks Eifel.

Neugrad Eifel

The people behind neugrad

At home in the Eifel

NEUGRAD in the Eifel is a unique place to relax and retreat, offering a wide range of activities as well as the necessary space and tranquillity to generate new ideas, perspectives and inspiration. This is exactly how the idea for Neugrad itself was born a few years ago, which Frederik Eichen and Frank Zweigner realized in various stages.

Frederik Eichen

A real outdoorsman who knows the Eifel region like the back of his hand. A doer who appreciates the direct and genuine and likes to share it with others. He and his student friend Frank quickly realized that Neugrad could become a special place to share the beauty of this region with those interested.

Frank Zweigner

Real estate, architecture and design – this is Frank’s home turf. As a visionary and an enthusiast, he loves thinking about topics like lifestyles and ways of shaping living space. This includes Neugrad, whose philosophy was substantially defined by Frank’s ideas. This means his presence can always be felt in Neugrad even when he is not there in person.